At the core of Happy Feet International's mission is our partnership with globally recognized brands that set the standard for quality and innovation in footwear. Our curated selection represents our dedication to delivering not just products, but promises of durability, comfort, and style. Through our exclusive relationships with industry leaders, we bring to the Caribbean and beyond, a portfolio that embodies excellence in every step.


Crocs stands as a beacon of comfort and versatility in the footwear industry, revolutionizing the way we think about shoes. With its signature lightweight technology and distinctive range of styles, Crocs offers unparalleled comfort and functionality for every lifestyle. Under the empowering slogan 'Come As You Are,' the brand invites everyone to showcase their individuality in unparalleled comfort. As the exclusive distributor and licensor for the majority of the region, Happy Feet International is thrilled to share Crocs' message of inclusivity and innovation, bringing shoes that let you step forward in style, while being uniquely you.


In 2007, FitFlop was founded with a mission to create footwear that combines style and unparalleled comfort. The journey began with the innovative sandal featuring the Microwobbleboard midsole, designed to enhance comfort, support, and posture. FitFlop quickly became a global sensation, expanding its collection to include sneakers, boots, and more, all designed with the same commitment to biomechanics and fashion-forward design.

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